Behavioral Economics: Nudge your business

Save the date! Slovak Behavioral Economics Network and Campus Cowork are organizing another interesting event. This time, the focus is on application of behavioral economics to business.

Behavioral economics is a fascinating field at the intersection of economics, psychology and sociology, dealing with human behaviour and decision-making. Unlike conventional economics, behavioral economics doesn't assume that people are rational. On the contrary, it examines our irrationality and reveals what really affects our decisions and actions. It draws attention to the systematic mistakes we make when deciding and teaches us how to prevent them; gives us instructions on how to create new habits, change unwanted behavior, communicate effectively and much more. It also teaches us how a small change in the environment or the way information is presented can dramatically influence our actions.

Join us for a panel discussion in cooperation with SBEN - Slovak Behavioral Economics Network to see how behavioral economics can influence and improve various spheres of your business. Nudge your business!

Matej Sucha 
Matej is a co-founder and managing partner of MINDWORX and also a co-founder of a non-profit organization Slovak Behavioral Economics Network. He has a quantitative background in Actuarial mathematics with experience from both - home and abroad. His expertise is among others consumer psychology and influence, thus its application to sales. 

Tomas Benadik 
Tomáš is a former copywriter, brand manager and account manager, currently Business Development Director at Folk. He's also a board member of Slovak Behavioral Economics Network. Marketer and strategist with keen interest in how business - and people work. He will talk about application of behavioral economics to marketing. 

Michal Plevka
Michal is a psychologist and works as a behavioral consultant at MINDWORX. He will talk about the importance of behavioral economics in productivity, motivation and satisfaction of your employees.

Moderator: Tomáš Tuleja
Tomáš is responsible for marketing at 0100 Conferences, conference company specializing in high-profile, networking type meetings for the key players in the Venture Capital and Private Equity ecosystem. Passionate about disruptive ideas and challenges. Interested in entrepreneurship, business development and of course behavioral economics. 

Come to Campus Cowork on 13th of September at 6PM, we are looking forward to seeing you!

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